Premium White Fish Meal

Fortified with Probiotics

Nitrogen Sealed for Freshness

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  • "The TOMiGAi Food I am a Big Fan of now...If I were to give some advice to my friends who are Koi hobbyists also, Scott and I will both tell you [to] buy TOMiGAi [and to] try TOMiGAi like we did....TOMiGAi is a lifesaver for my fish." To learn more about Jan and Scott, click here.
    Jan Thompson
  • "I've been doing this Koi showing for about fifteen years.  Never had a grand champion or Reserve Grand Champion or any of that until I started using TOMiGAi.  So it was last year I had two Grand Champions and this year Reserve Grand Champion, all within the last eight months....I used to say to folds [that] it didn't matter what foods [you feed], and that's not true.  I've learned a lot in the last twelve months, and I wouldn't serve anything [for] my Koi, anything but TOMiGAi right now." To learn more about Bryan, click here.
    Bryan McCleney
  • "With the feeding of the TOMiGAi Food, [my Koi] was able to [gain a] larger body, which made better conformation and her skin quality improved considerably.  She has a more youthful look and this fish is ten years old and she shows like a fish that's six or seven or even it's time to feed my Koi more TOMiGAi Food!" To learn more about Tom, click here.
    Tom Ayers
  • " We feed TOMiGAi exclusively...It really adds to the girth of the fish, particularly this year with the sinking food. It allowed us to have some male fish that put on more girth than they've ever had before.  But [TOMiGAi] also has a great effect, I found, on the skin quality - the white particularly - on the fish, which is really the background of the fish, is really enhanced.  I started feeding TOMiGAi about three years ago, so I'm appreciative of the influence that this food has on our hobby." To learn more about Roger Spradlin, click here.
    Roger Spradlin
  • "...I've been so pleased since we were introduced to this food because the white change on our fish has been incredible. I mean, not just minor changes, we're talking MAJOR changes. One of the things with the TOMiGAi Tategoi Food is that we've also seen a lot more development in the girth of the fish.  The muscle structure of the fish has been extremely, extremely powerful...." To read and view the interview with Larry, click here
    Larry Christensen

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