“YES!!! FEED THIS to your koi!!!…Tomigai KoiFood is the BEST koi food on the market as of now!..I first descovered this great koi food about a year and a half ago when my friend Judy Domingo who is also a member of Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society started feeding Tomigai to her koi..Almost immediately I noticed a SHARP JUMP in the growth of her koi, then another friend of mine Roger Spradlin had raised some grand-champion koi on Tomigai, including his prized “Dalmation Kumonryu” which bacame one of the “Poster-child” koi of Tomigai. Last February I began feeding my koi Tomigai and I also had a HUGE JUMP in growth of my koi!…..This is the BEST koi food on the market for the money! Also I fed 4 Dainichi Showas (new koi, all about 11″ long) Tomigai all-season while I had them in q 55-gallon aquarium for a quarantine time. Tomigai is so well formulated that there is hardly any waste… so the water and filters stayed clean!”

Taken from the TOMiGAi Facebook page. Thank you so much to Mark for Believing in TOMiGAi Koi Food!