About TOMiGAi Koi Food

TOMiGAi was formulated in conjunction with the Japanese experts on Koi. This product boasts cutting edge formulation direct from Japan and enjoys the endorsement of such prominent names in the Koi industry such as Sakai , Marudo, Omosako, Isa, Seitaro, Gonjiro, Maruyama, Oya and Tani among many others.

The U.S release of TOMiGAi is proudly 100% American made to provide only the excellent quality that the market deserves. It is the company’s philosophy that cutting the lead time between the manufacturing facility and end user allows for a more potent and effective product. TOMiGAi is made with only the finest quality ingredients and is packaged to guarantee freshness and quality in each box. Great care and consideration was taken during the whole production process: from the formulation, to packaging to handling and distribution.



TOMiGAi Koi food is packaged through the Nitrogen gas rush packaging method. Oxygen, which shows to be a primary cause of spoilage, is eliminated from the bag, thereby submitting the bag of TOMiGAi Koi Food to a vacuum stage then we go one step further by pumping Nitrogen inside. Nitrogen gas is proven to maintain quality and freshness of food for prolonged periods of time, and because contents are allowed to move freely within the bag, the integrity of the shape and form of TOMiGAi Koi Food is maintained. To ensure that moisture levels are kept at a minimum, desiccant is added.


  • Formulated to enhance the red of your Koi

  • Packed with 50% Protein

  • Best used when water temperature is between 68° – 80° Fahrenheit

Wheat Germ

  • Targeted to build girth and growth

  • Packed with 50% Protein

  • Best used when water temperature is between 68° – 80° Fahrenheit


  • A cult favorite!

  • Formulated to bring out the whitest skin on your Koi

  • An excellent diet to prepare your Koi for showing

  • Fortified with 40% Protein, maintaining body while enhancing color


  • A great staple food!

  • Contains 35% Protein to help maintain body with minimal consideration to temperature fluctuations


  • A true all-season food!

  • Contains 30% Protein to keep your Koi healthy and happy through all the feeding months