Don Davis & Annie

“I have been using TOMiGAi Food for the last two years, and I very much enjoyed [it].  It grows very good.  My growth on the fish has been very great.  The skin quality has been just perfect.  I couldn’t ask for any better for this show, and this year has  been a great on. My TOMiGAi affected [my fish with] better skin quality, the sumi has come up.  The growth of the fish has really been great, I mean, the tail stop has been great.  Just tremendous I couldn’t ask for any better.


The food has been excellent.  I’ve tried different food and this TOMiGAi Food has been really an advancement for me.  It has made my fish grow much better.  The quality, the skin, everything.  I couldn’t ask for anything [more].


If they want to win, I’d say use TOMiGAi.  TOMiGAi is number one in my book.  Very good.”