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“I’m an AKCA Certified Koi Judge.  so in today’s show, I was able to produce a fish for the show that I have taken care of [and] it won Young Champion today.  It is a Marudo…Kohaku.

This year I noticed some very pleasant changes in the fish.  We’ve been able to get a really nice quality showing through and I attribute it a lot to the face that Iv’e used TOMiGAi.  We also have an eight-year old Maruten Marudo Kohaku that in 2008 won Grand Champion here in the show.  Now feeing it with TOMiGAi also and at the age of eight has a wonderful background also.

The other fish I wanted to tell you about is a Showa-Sekiguchi is the breeder.  It is about five years old.  Scott and I have noticed about the white ground on this particular fish that we had a lot of yellow tint in it.  Even though it is a female fish.  It just continually every year for the first four years was yellow and you know how we all do not like to have our white ground to have that yellow tint in it.

We strive constantly to take care of the water but also with the TOMiGAi this summer, when we pulled the fish up [and looked] at the fish to decide which fish we would bring to the show, this particular showa has changed in two months of TOMiGAi

The TOMiGAi food I am a big fan of now!  A big fan because of this white ground.  So if you get a chance to see a picture of this fish, I think you will like the shiroji.  Very, very nice improvement with the help of TOMiGAi.

If I were to give some advice to my friends who are Koi hobbyists also, Scott and I will both tell you [to] buy TOMiGAi [and to] try TOMiGAi like we did.  A lot of times you will think that maybe judges know everything but we learn right along with you when we try these products and I have slowly integrated some TOMiGAi into my feeding program and this year we used it the entire months of the summer leading up to the show now and I would advice you to try that; try some TOMiGAi Premium and see if you get the same improvements in the skin quality and the white quality of the fish that Scott and I have.  I think tha tyou will be pleasantly surprised.

TOMiGAi Food is a lifesaver for my fish.”