I think [TOMiGAi] is helping.  They really like it.  They come after the food…the fish really like the food, so they’re really aggressive to eat the food.

with the different brands and learning how to feed and at what time, and so there’s a good range of food for different times of year.  [With] water quality, you just don’t see the waste about the pond like you do over the other food I’ve fed over the years…So I think that really helps with the water quality.  So I think that’s where the food and the water quality come into play together.  And that’s the best.

I love TOMiGAi food. Love the guy who makes it!

I think the skin quality is really coming when I fed that [TOMiGAi] Tategoi in the last month or something.  The whites have really popped on the fish, and that’s something I really never had on my fish in the other years.

It’s been a learning experience.  You guys really help also, how to feed your food. So that’s what really makes it worth [it].  Instead of just selling the food, you’re [also] educating people on how to feed it right.

Word of Advice: Learn.  Just keep learning.  Talk to everybody, feeding good fish food makes the water quality so much better, and that’s what makes the fish grow and just shine.  Less fish is better.  I was in that stage of having thirty [or] forty fish, and now I’m down to having fifteen.  I’m actually starting to see more fish as an individual more than just a bunch of fish.  So less is actually better, and I’m learning that through the years.