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“This past six months [my Koi] been getting TOMiGAi Food.  We started out with your general mix food, and then this last two months they’ve been getting the Wheat Germ food; and they’ve been enjoying it very well and they devour it.  I’m sure she’s ready to go home and have some right now. 

It seems like it brings out the colors and [made] the whites look clear.  Colors on the fish have been a lot better.  And she’s grown a little.  For an eight-year-old fish to grow-she’s grown about two inches since last year.  That’s a lot, for a fish that old. They enjoy it and they eat it.  They devour it and they like it, and they don’t play with it.  It doesn’t last long on the top of the water. Skin quality has been excellent.  Excellent skin quality.  The conformation on the fish have been very good.  It’s been an overall excellent food, and we’ll be buying more soon. 

The deep pond does help.  Try not to overpopulate your pond-that’s probably the hardest thing for most Koi hobbyists.  They want to put three fish in a 2,000 gallon pond.  There’s a rule that’s been given: it’s about 500 to a thousand gallons.  With 26,000 [and] twenty-two fish, I’m sitting [on] a little over a thousand gallons per fish.  That helps the growth, and you do get the growth with the food.  Example: one of the other fishes there was 12 inches, she is now 18.  And so, you get that kind of stuff, and you have the have the space, the water turn over and a good quality food to make that happen. 

The Grand Champion is fed with TOMiGAi!”